Against Christian Nationalism

Christian Nationalism is a form of theological syncretism, a blending of religion & politics. It hijacks Christian Scripture, symbolism, and imagery to promote American glory & good as ultimate. In contrast, the Christian gospel of Jesus’ kingdom announces grace for all mankind. In Christian nationalism, the nation of America becomes essential to God’s plan toContinue reading “Against Christian Nationalism”

When You Wish Upon A Future

Walt Disney shaped the American Church because he shaped American culture. His vision of American progress in the 1960’s promised that technology would bring about the good life, less work and more leisure. The American church under the influence of this vision tends to choose the optics of progress: new facilities, new political voices, newContinue reading “When You Wish Upon A Future”

Humility Is Now and Always The Way Forward

What do you do while the world waits for history? Of all the surprises in 2020, this election was actually on the calendar. We circled the date. A big moment in a world of big problems. And now, we’re here, waiting for the outcome. The humility of Jesus can bring healing right now to aContinue reading “Humility Is Now and Always The Way Forward”

Is Jesus Asking The Church To Take Back America?

“Taking America back for God” is a common rallying cry in some American Christian circles. But is God asking this of his Church in America? And what does taking America back mean? The Scriptures never cast a vision of Christ as a King in need of political power. He’s not asking for it. What areContinue reading “Is Jesus Asking The Church To Take Back America?”

A Great (Secular) American Revival

America may be less Christian, but it is not less religious. We still worship. All human beings do. It’s just the altar was moved awhile ago. Now, truth is what we produce within, not something we come to possess from without. Truth in our age is subject to the human spirit, when it should beContinue reading “A Great (Secular) American Revival”

Life As The Crucified

In America and much of the post-Christian West, the cross has lost its meaning. Jesus’ first century audience knew the cross had just one meaning, death. Yet the cross was the image Jesus chose. He called his followers to “take up their cross”. In enterprising Western society, “come and die” is not good marketing.  We’reContinue reading “Life As The Crucified”

The Debate Showed Us Ourselves

We weren’t watching a debate last night, we were watching ourselves. The debate last night was a mirror. Take a good long look. This moment is showing us who we are collectively as Americans. This is us. In the days following, American Christians should search our spirit. Who are we, and how can we meetContinue reading “The Debate Showed Us Ourselves”

We The American Church: When Faith and Politics Collide

American Christians are divided on multiple fronts, none more apparent than politics. We need to navigate this moment in a way that honors the Name we claim to represent. To honor Jesus, we must reject both apathy and compromise. American Christians are unique in that we will be held accountable by Jesus on both sidesContinue reading “We The American Church: When Faith and Politics Collide”