Pomp and Unusual Circumstance

A Word to the Class of 2020 You’ve been looking forward to May 2020 for the last 4 years, maybe even longer. The script you were given for these last four years didn’t call for this scene. At all. Now what? Nobody really likes a cliffhanger. The Empire Strikes Back needs Return of the Jedi. ThereContinue reading “Pomp and Unusual Circumstance”

What Day Is It Again?

Now is a perfect moment to start treating time the way Jesus did Mondays feel like Fridays don’t they? We’re trying to keep a sense of normal by keeping pace with the calendar. Sometimes I rage against my loss of control with my calendar (like more meetings will fix this). But every where I look inContinue reading “What Day Is It Again?”

Don’t Waste Your Lockdown

We are works in progress, and God finishes what He starts Football taught me life. It was one school of many that can teach, from art and film to music or fashion. For me, my life school was football. High school football in Florida is a year-round commitment. But one week out of 52 stood outContinue reading “Don’t Waste Your Lockdown”

Waiting For Hope

Seeing and trusting God right now There wasn’t much social distancing in Jerusalem 2000 odd years ago on Palm Sunday. Crowds packed the way up to the holy city; each one clamoring to see Galilee’s prophet, Jesus of Nazareth, coming up to Jerusalem — on a donkey of all things. The crowd didn’t mind. One by one coatsContinue reading “Waiting For Hope”

Finding Normal

Learning resiliency when your routine is disrupted In 1940, Nazi bombers unleashed hell on the entire civilian population of London. For 57 days, German bombers rained +18,000 tons of explosives from the sky, every night. In spite of the terror and uncertainty, life pushed through the cracks, life in 1940 London carried on. War correspondentContinue reading “Finding Normal”

How We Endure

Let “we” take the place of “me” 100 years ago, an expedition of 28 men spent an entire Antartic winter trapped in their ship — the fitly named Endurance. Suddenly, dreams of discovery became a story of survival. They never reached Antartica, but they were successful in a better way. After ice crushed their ship, Earnest Shackleton ledContinue reading “How We Endure”