A Millennial Pastor On The Next Generation

Don’t buy the press about the next generation. After being in the trenches with the church of the future, its clear Jesus is still on the move. In short, be excited; the future is bright! God is raising up the generation behind us to go beyond us for His glory. Millennials are not the futureContinue reading “A Millennial Pastor On The Next Generation”

Don’t Waste Your Lockdown

We are works in progress, and God finishes what He starts Football taught me life. It was one school of many that can teach, from art and film to music or fashion. For me, my life school was football. High school football in Florida is a year-round commitment. But one week out of 52 stood outContinue reading “Don’t Waste Your Lockdown”

How We Endure

Let “we” take the place of “me” 100 years ago, an expedition of 28 men spent an entire Antartic winter trapped in their ship — the fitly named Endurance. Suddenly, dreams of discovery became a story of survival. They never reached Antartica, but they were successful in a better way. After ice crushed their ship, Earnest Shackleton ledContinue reading “How We Endure”

Pandemic Paranoia

Faith is paranoia in reverse. Coronavirus spreads and so does paranoia. But this paranoia is not new, it’s just been hidden from view; it was hidden while life was good and “under control”. Coronavirus is exposing the paranoia that’s been there all along, running in the deep currents of our souls. What is our way outContinue reading “Pandemic Paranoia”

Saying “Yes” to What Matters

What matters most to us takes the most sacrifice from us. It was May 1927. On a dark & damp New York morning, a single engine monoplane bounced into the air at muddy Roosevelt Field, barely clearing the trees at the end of the runway It’s pilot, Charles Lindbergh, was alone. Over the next 33 hours,Continue reading “Saying “Yes” to What Matters”

Walt Disney Knew Something

Before Walt Disney, cartoons were like sugar. They held you over while you waited for the main meal, the feature reel. Cartoons then were full of cheap laughs and little depth. Disney proved with Snow White that cartoons could deliver something more than a laugh. They could carry a story. The heart traffics in stories,Continue reading “Walt Disney Knew Something”

Living the Future

Every Sunday morning growing up, we had a tradition in the Stacy house. My dad would take the newspaper and circle the NFL teams he thought were going to win that day. When my brother and I got older, we’d mark our initials next to a helmet, and see how we did. Usually the winnerContinue reading “Living the Future”

An Indestructible Life

The first generation of Americans were at a loss for words when it came to how to address President-elect George Washington. During his inauguration, the crowds in New York shouted “Long Live George Washington!” His biographer, Ron Chernow, commented, “it was difficult for Americans to use language other than what they were used to, beingContinue reading “An Indestructible Life”

Our Choice, Our Society

The abortion debate we’re having in our generation is happening in the halls of history. We’re not the first to cross this bridge, nor will we be the last. The question we face today is about our community, and more importantly, what sort of community we will be. It demands an answer. Our future won’tContinue reading “Our Choice, Our Society”