The Triumph of Christianity?

The politics of conservative evangelicalism today seem fueled by equal parts nostalgia and paranoia. Nostalgia for the Bible Belt and paranoia of cultural and political winds. These winds of anxiety are enflaming a new (but old) form of theo-politics. The problem is many are calling for triumphs and forgetting the cross. ———— This summer ourContinue reading “The Triumph of Christianity?”

The Good, The Bad, and Conspiracies

Conspiracies aren’t just political, they’re moral. Baked into conspiracy theories is a persistent vision or construction of good and evil. For many people, this is an immediate benefit. But it poses a massive problem, and a threat. Conspiracy theories are less about revealing new information and more about confirming what we already suspect. This worksContinue reading “The Good, The Bad, and Conspiracies”