A Millennial Pastor On The Next Generation

Don’t buy the press about the next generation. After being in the trenches with the church of the future, its clear Jesus is still on the move. In short, be excited; the future is bright! God is raising up the generation behind us to go beyond us for His glory. Millennials are not the futureContinue reading “A Millennial Pastor On The Next Generation”

Saying “Yes” to What Matters

What matters most to us takes the most sacrifice from us. It was May 1927. On a dark & damp New York morning, a single engine monoplane bounced into the air at muddy Roosevelt Field, barely clearing the trees at the end of the runway It’s pilot, Charles Lindbergh, was alone. Over the next 33 hours,Continue reading “Saying “Yes” to What Matters”

What was the Reformation?

Regardless of your faith convictions, the Reformation has impacted your life. And not in unsignificant ways. The Reformation has been linked to capitalism, politics, and the scientific revolution. Those within the Christian faith unknowingly lean on the effects of the Reformation when we open our Bible app, head to our local Baptist, Presbyterian, or otherContinue reading “What was the Reformation?”