How We Endure

Let “we” take the place of “me” 100 years ago, an expedition of 28 men spent an entire Antartic winter trapped in their ship — the fitly named Endurance. Suddenly, dreams of discovery became a story of survival. They never reached Antartica, but they were successful in a better way. After ice crushed their ship, Earnest Shackleton ledContinue reading “How We Endure”

Hope In Anxiety

The time is always right for a conversation about mental health. This really isn’t a conversation meant for tweets or posts, but eye-to-eye, heart-to heart. My hope is simply that perhaps a few paragraphs would give you or someone you love the courage to reach out, love deeply, and choose life. Today, reach out. LetContinue reading “Hope In Anxiety”

Seeing Jesus Clearly

Slumped in their muddy trenches, with darkness settling over the battlefield, soldiers of the First World War were on edge. In the pitch black night, a flare lit up the sky over their trench, almost like a lightbulb, hanging in the sky, slowly falling back down to earth. Their heart skips a beat: the enemyContinue reading “Seeing Jesus Clearly”

A Surprising Kingdom

“Surprise” comes from Old French that means “to seize”. To be surprised is to be trapped for a moment — suspended, seized by a change so profound, so in contrast with the colors of the normal, so unraveling, that you’re compelled to simply stay motionless. Emotion follows. It’s hard to surprise us anymore. Just a century ago,Continue reading “A Surprising Kingdom”