How Advent Begins

For most of us, the season of Advent begins with decorations and music. We can settle for the tree, for the tradition, and miss the season. We should embrace Advent as it really is.

Advent began when Christ renounced his privilege. Not a moment before. He traded the privilege of heaven, of comfort & security, for that of a baby in a manger. This arrival of God in the flesh is not just a comfort, but a confrontation. Advent confronts our sense of privilege. Advent reminds us, paradoxically, that renouncing rights leads to resurrection in God’s economy. But our angst betrays us. We are anxious for our rights, our privilege, our way.

“Advent began when Christ renounced his privilege.”

We remember in this season that Christ is better than us. His glory is his humility. He condescends lower than we are willing to dare. His humility and humiliation paved the way for our forgiveness & rescue. The way up is down.

This year, let Advent confront you, not just comfort you. It seems to me, by what many celebrate or condemn, we fear losing our rights more than we are committed to giving them up on the way of Jesus. What might change?

Maybe we remember the vulnerable, before we claim our right to not wear a mask. Maybe we listen in our disagreements, before we claim our rightness. Maybe we examine what privilege we have, ask for wisdom on how to hold it loosely, and opportunity to trade it freely. Christ’s humility brings forgiveness. May our humility this advent season be a witness to his.

When surrender matters more to us than preservation, we are living from the Spirit of Christmas, the Spirit of Christ.

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Published by Jared Stacy

Jared is an American Pastor, writer, and PhD Candidate in Practical Theology at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

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